Have you heard the latest! Margaret Kanza, the president’s daughter narrowly escaped an assassination attempt! Of course we all saw that coming! But this one will shock you! The weird girl, I think her name is Alexia or something close to that, who lives in the tiny centre apartment upstairs on the 12th Floor, as well the entire Handles family next door, all just disappeared into thin air last night! It’s all over the news! Remember that boy, John Desforra, who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago while in school and was never found! Rumour has it that he has returned! Popped up! Just like that out of nowhere!! Ironically, multibillionaire Luke Titus, the richest man in the country, has been reported missing following a horrendous massacre that occurred at his property last! His entire staff were murdered in cold blood, his mansion was completely ransacked and amongst the stolen items were very expensive paintings and rare jewellery. The police believe he has been kidnapped by the thugs who broke into his mansion for ransom but some people suspect foul play and believe that the theft is all just a cover up! But here’s some good news for a change – Christopher Kanza, the president’s son, has just finished remodelling his jaw dropping 54 million US dollars Mansion at an extra cost of 2.5million US dollars at the expense of tax payers!

Laugh, cry, get bitter, protest, even gripe if you want to, as the intricate life of the Kanzas and their associates unfolds in THE KANZAS now available on:









“Did I hear correctly? Did you just fire me?!”

Shock your way through Rissa’s unorthodox methods of dealing with being fired without warning, and with immediate effect, by her boss!









“I hate her and it’s not because she won the coveted spot of school queen! It’s just because!!! And I don’t have to explain any further because I’m the ultimate It girl and my family is rich and powerful!”

SEE the life of Narrow, a poor suburban girl, unfold through her interactions with her wealthy upper-class school colleagues – from a period of peace that is suddenly brutally interrupted by a civil war which alters their paths and changes their lives forever!


You’re my best friend, you’re his best friend, I’m his fiancée and I know you’re in love with him – hm!!

If you’re into the surreal, the bizarre, the weird – then watch as three BFF’s try to untangle / disentangle themselves from a seemingly simple love triangle.


When I was just a young, innocent girl, I saw you torture, humiliate and then murder my father in cold blood in his office. You didn’t know I was there, but I was! I was hiding in the ventilation chute and I saw your cold, sadistic face as you ruthlessly ended my father’s life and then went on to steal everything he owned, including our palace! Now I’m back, and you don’t know it but I’m here to kill you – in cold blood!


I always held you in high esteem. I thought you were a gentleman – how on earth could you…?




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