I woke up craving for a toasted cheese sandwich one morning but when I went to the kitchen to prepare one, I realized I’d finished the bread the previous night. Furthermore there was no milk in the fridge for my early morning coffee. I grabbed some cash with the intention of dashing out to a shop around the corner. When I opened the door, to my dismay, it was raining outside.

I’m still wondering why I did what I did but I did it! In my defense I’ve heard sayings such as hunger affects the brain/logic and common sense isn’t that common after all! I had no umbrella or raincoat, and even though I instinctively knew the rain would stop after a short while, I just walked to the shop in the pouring rain. I got into the shop soaking wet, got the stuff I needed, and when I went to the till to pay, the guy told me I was fifty cents short. “It’s fine ma’am, you can bring it later.” he said.

Five minutes later when I exited the shop, the rain had stopped but it was freezing cold and windy. When I got home I was shivering. I immersed myself in a hot bath, put on some warm clothes and was about to make my coffee and toasted sandwich when I remembered that I had to take fifty cents back to the guy at the shop.

When I opened the door to leave, it was starting to rain again. I walked out anyway, by the time I got to the shop it was pouring. I gave the guy his fifty cents and as I walked back home in the rain, I noticed my neighbour Michelle standing on her door step, waiting patiently for the rain to stop (and it did within the next five minutes). I waved Michelle and she waved back with a patient smile on her face.

Two days later, as I lay shivering under my blankets plagued by a terrible headache, cold and fever caused by repeatedly exposing myself to the rain and cold weather, I couldn’t help but admit to myself that I had behaved myself into that situation. I knew the rain was going to stop and the bread or milk or whatever else I needed from the shop could wait a few minutes more, but I just didn’t have the PATIENCE to wait for the right time and opportunity!

From the aforementioned but other experiences as well as multiple failures and “head on collisions” what I’ve come to understand is that most of the time when we don’t achieve our goals, the missing ingredient was patience!

As a novelist, I’ve learnt from experience that it takes passion to start a novel but patience and perseverance to build and allow the characters to mature, patience to keep writing and deleting repeatedly until you find the right stuff, patience to wake up every morning and continue working on and polishing the same characters again and again until you feel satisfied that it’s developed into something not just acceptable but fantastic as well, and patience to keep producing more novels regardless of the circumstances! That’s why I believe that we must choose to do things that we’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, if you don’t love your work, it’s very easy to quit.

By the way my next novel Play or Die will be out shortly before Christmas! It took passion to start but lots of patience and perseverance to finish this project!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Nice story, dear Matilde – own experiences are the most authentic ones.
    Have a great time

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  2. Thank you


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