You Don’t Realize its Value UNTIL…!



Have you heard popular sayings such as: you don’t realize the value of something until it’s gone (anonymous) or the neighbor’s lawn always looks greener (anonymous)…

Well from my experience, I would say, many times you don’t realize the true value of something until you’ve got it or achieved it or experienced it or gone through it! And I think this applies to many aspects of our lives including relationships, lifestyle, education, etc.

Sometimes after getting something that we really wanted, we realize it’s not all it was made up to be, sometimes we find that we’ve worked hard for the wrong things, and sometimes after getting what we wanted we find that it exceeds our expectations and turns out to be way better than we imagined, like the old seemingly worthless kettle that ends up manifesting the genie that fulfills our wishes!

I was born poor, went to normal schools and as a C student (I got a 412 in my K.C.P.E which is the Kenyan equivalent for eighth grade exams) I ended up in a district school which is typically where C and D students end up). The A students go to national schools and the B students go to provincial schools which are basically the best schools in terms of infrastructure and quality of education.

Even though I hated the district school I attended and was often angry at myself for not studying hard enough to make it to a better school, the experiences I had there put me on a path that helped me to find my calling. Those difficult experiences I had throughout my years in high school and afterwards literally threw me in the right direction and right path even though I didn’t realize it back then. Basically what I thought were a series of misfortunes ended up being showers of blessings!

Those unbearably difficult situations and experiences gave me the strength and endurance I later needed in order to push forward through storms instead of giving up and the drive to pursue my dreams and stay focused even in the midst of conflict, and despite consistent attacks from abusers and haters!

If I hadn’t acquired qualities and skills such as endurance, strength, persistence, courage, trusting myself, listening to my instincts, etc., from my difficult background, not only would I not have been able to make difficult decisions such as cutting myself loose from the wrong people, I would have cowarded myself into living a lie that was clearly leading me to a dangerous path of self destruction!

Today, as strange as it might seem, I thank God for those difficult, excruciatingly painful experiences I had, not only because it was through these experiences that I eventually found my calling, but also because I often draw upon such past situations when writing my novels!

I didn’t realize the value of the painful experiences I went through! Now I do! What a blessing!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.


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