Attract what you want…


This morning, a contractor came to my house to fix the cupboards. When he was done with his work, as he walked out through the front door, through my front yard to his car, he turned and asked:

“Ma’am do you have snakes around here, in your yard or inside your house?”

I was a bit taken aback by his question.

“No. Why?” I asked

“Because the grass in your front lawn is as high as my waist. It’s become a bush and bushes like that attract snakes. And some snakes are venomous.”

I was purple with embarrassment! My lawn was unattended to. I hadn’t done anything to it for months.

As I went about my day, I kept pondering about that seemingly insignificant moment and it occurred to me that that is in fact the way life works: whatever is in our lives, is there because we consciously or subconsciously brought it there through our thoughts and actions.

Just as I was attracting snakes into my living environment by neglecting my yard, allowing the grass in front of my house to grow into a bush, so it is, I believe, with other aspect of our lives: the kind of people we have in our lives and how they treat us, the type of job we’re in and how we feel about it, the relationships we’re in, etc.,…are all things that we’ve consciously or unconsciously attracted into our lives.

For me, personally, I’ve learnt to counter any negative situations I find in my life by allowing people to be who they are and, instead of confronting people about their negative attitudes and behaviours, I choose to bring only the right people (people who are positive and uplift me) into my life. I’ve learnt to distance myself, physically and emotionally, from haters, backstabbers and abusers through my thoughts and actions.

And whenever I find myself surrounded by negative people and/or negative energy, I look at myself, that is, I analyze and ask myself what it is that I’m doing to attract those negative people and negative forces into my life, and I retreat into my private space (my house, my room) and start affirming myself positively by creating positive affirmations that will counter, and remove negative people from my environment, and ultimately destroy any negative energy that’s in my life.

It takes time and practice, but it works!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.


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