The Day He Stroked…


The day he stroked her upper right arm

Was the best day of her life

Such a simple gesture

But it made a world of a difference

The way he did it

The energy he passed on to her

The fact that she didn’t expect it

He passed on something magical to her

On the day he stroked her upper right arm

She was so starved for affection

He was so gentle; so nonchalant

She had no idea just how much she craved to be touched

Until the day he stroked her upper right arm

As time went by

She realized that

She did not just crave to be touched by him

No one else’s touch mattered

She detested it when other people touched her

But she longed to be touched by him

Only him

One simple gesture changed her life

As she realized that what she really wanted

Was not the mansion, or the money, or the handsome musketeer

All she wanted

She realized

Was for him to touch her like that again

Maybe a little more

He’s not a prince charming

Or a knight in shining armor

He is way better

He is a real modern day prince

Who understands the real needs of a woman

Now she’s craving for that one simple touch

She’s craving to see him again

She’s craving for more of those simple “innocent” touches

She wants more of him

She wants the universe to go back in time

She wants her life to reverse and take her back

To the day he stroked her upper arm

Because she wishes she had reacted differently

Should she not just show up at his door

And tell him that she wants to be with him

So many things stand in the way

Are they real?

Or just fantasies she’s creating to justify her fears?

She fears being vulnerable

She’s not sure whether he feels the same way

She fears that if she leaves everything she worked so hard to rebuild

To take the leap of faith

Things might not go the way she’s hoping

And then she will have to start all over again

With a broken heart again

A broken heart

She knows only too well what that feels like

For it was him who broke her heart

Causing her to flee, to hibernate

Hoping to recover, to move on

But instead she finds herself craving to go back

To the day he stroked her upper right arm

She prefers to hide the fact that she spends her nights

Thinking about him

She would rather spend her days wondering what he’s up to

Wondering where is

Wondering what he is doing

Wondering if he is with someone else

She would rather torture herself day after day

Than risk having her fragile heart broken to pieces again

If I were her therapist

I’d say to her

Write him a letter

And find a way to deliver it

And then move on with your life

For life is too short

To waste torturing yourself like this!

But then I’m just a writer

Which is why I am writing this advice to her

Will she heed the aforementioned advice

Will she be brave enough to move past her fears

And admit the truth to herself

To be fair

One never can be 100% sure of the truth in such situations

She left because she thinks he doesn’t love her

She left because there was someone else in his life

So she moved on

Or at least tried to

But it wasn’t long before she realized

That she didn’t really have a choice

When it came to whom to fall for

She didn’t fall for him because she wanted to

Far from it

And as much as she tries

Her heart refuses to fall out of love

She’s shocked to realize that

Only he carries that certain magic

So unique it cannot be found else where

If I were his therapist

I would let him know that

He needs to find her

He needs to go to her

He should help her put her fears aside

He needs to stroke that right shoulder again

Even if for one last time

Just for old time’s sake

But then I’m just a writer

Which is why I am writing this advice to him

In her defense

It was through no fault of her own

She did nothing to bring this upon myself

It just happened mysteriously

People don’t plan to fall in love

And they don’t decide whom to love

It just happens


How complicated can stroking someone’s right upper arm be?

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Luke is a former child beggar who grew up in the slums. Now a self-made billionaire, he is struggling to come to terms with the brutal murder of his wife, Erica. As he embarks on a journey to discover who murdered Erica, Luke begins to get more than he bargained for and discovers that he has opened a Pandora’s Box!

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Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.

Matilde Mbulo


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