His (Future) Excellency



He is fat; he is all over the place

He goes to the salon almost every day

He does his nails every three days

Gets a massage almost every other day

Loves shopping for himself

His favourite topic is himself

He is in love with himself




He is a father of four children

Whom he barely has time for

His wife is completely dependent on him

His closet is bigger than that of his wife and four children put together

He wears expensive clothes

Drives an expensive car

And spends thousands at expensive clubs

He lives an opulent lifestyle; one he can barely afford


Many women think he’s a multimillionaire

Because he drives a hideously expensive, ugly, ugly, car

Lives in a huge misproportioned mansion

Even his wife doesn’t know how much he earns

He doesn’t like to be asked questions

Loses his temper easily

And can be very unpleasant when rubbed the wrong way


He is unfaithful, an adulterer

He is married

And yet he sleeps with his direct subordinate

A married woman


The woman he sleeps with

Is married to his close friend

Both he and his friend, the woman’s husband

Often hang out in the same clubs on weekends

His friend does not know that he is sleeping with his wife


He is complicated

He works with his brother in law; his wife’s brother, in the same office

He and his brother in law are close friends and confidants

His brother in law knows that he sleeps with his subordinate

His brother in law is also a close friend to the woman’s husband

His brother in law also sleeps with the woman sometimes

They all go to the same church on Sundays

The woman’s husband does not know what is going on


On one occasion, he and his brother in law both had a threesome with the woman in their office

They thought everyone had left but they were mistaken

Sometimes he has sex with her in his car

In the empty parking lot, by the road side, in the elevator

They have quickies everywhere

Many times, he takes her to the cheapest motels

Everyone at work knows about the affair

Some people at their church also know what is going on

Yet her husband is still supposedly completely in the dark

No one wants to meddle in that ugly situation


He is heartless

His wife knows about the affair

Yet he is not one bit bothered

His wife has too look at the other woman every Sunday in church

Sitting dutifully beside her young, supposedly naive, husband

The other woman is young, slender, attractive, sexy and beautiful

And wears bright, sexy colors that liven everything around her


With a pride that cannot be matched

His wife pretends she doesn’t know what is going on

Everyone knows that she knows exactly what is going on

She chooses to turn a blind eye; she pretends she’s in a perfect marriage

Some say she stays for the sake of the children

Others say she does it for the money

Some think she has nowhere to go

With no career; she has been a housewife for over two decades

Others think she loves him too much

She is not oblivious to the power that being his wife brings to her


Despite his numerous surgeries and other procedures

All the pampering, and nips and tucks everywhere

He grows fatter and hair-raising scarier by the day

And is slowly but surely morphing into the creature in Frankenstein


He’s a hypocrite

A businessman and pastor at the same time

He preaches what he does not practice

He takes a bible with him to work

And often uses it to defend himself in his obscure business deals

In his office, which he shares with his brother in Law

Hangs a portrait of Jesus, and next to it a portrait of the current president of the country

And next to it his very own portrait

He has portraits of bible verses hanging everywhere in his office and surroundings

He believes the law applies to others but not to himself

And recently has been claiming to be a direct descendant of Jesus – Oh we didn’t see that one coming


He is a liar; he often adjusts the truth to his needs

He is jealous; he is very possessive of his mistress

He is ruthless; his enemies never see it coming

He is daring because he knows he will always go unpunished

He is ambitious and he is winning

And now rumour has it that he is planning to run for president


If that man runs this country

Everyone will, at one point or another, need a miracle!


Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.

Christopher Kanza is the president’s only son and a well-educated, well-traveled, renowned and highly respected figure in society. He is planning to succeed his father as president. However, is the well-respected and highly educated president’s son ready to run for the most senior office in the country or are there certain dark secrets, safely stashed away, strong enough to effectively block his way to the top?

Novel! Available on:




Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.

Matilde Mbulo


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