We fear the outcome…



Faith has five children and is pregnant with her sixth

She is out on a seven years suspended sentence

Her current boyfriend Tiger, is freshly out of rehab

Where they met, where she got pregnant


Tiger wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy

When he found out that she was pregnant

He beat her up so badly she landed in hospital

Her bruises were severe to the point where the police had to be called

She refused to press charges against him

He refused to visit her in hospital

He denied that the child she is expecting is his

Until she threatened to give the child up for adoption

Now he grudgingly gives her money for toiletries and cigarettes

And some additional money every now and then


Tiger is forty three

Strong as a boer, he works as a bouncer at a local night club

He sometimes relapses, but he says everything is under control

He stays in the male dormitory at a shelter for homeless people

A room he shares with forty other males

She stays in the female dormitory

A room she shares with thirty five other females


Her five children stay with her parents

Her mother won custody of all her children

Because she and all her ex-partners were declared unfit by the court

The father of her first child is serving a life sentence in  maximum  prison facility

The father of her second and third children was a prolific gangster

Until he was gunned down outside a nightclub in the ghetto

The father of her fourth child lives on the streets and is heavily on drugs

The father of her fifth child lives in the same shelter for homeless people

Where she and Tiger stay

And the three barely get along


She is not allowed to see her children

The Judge said she is a danger to her own children

Her parents don’t trust her

She threatened her mother with a knife


Faith’s parents have refused to accept Tiger

And they are already taking legal action to get the baby once it is born

Faith and Tiger are planning to move out of the shelter before the baby is born

They are planning to find a place of their own

And prove to the court that they are fit enough to raise their child

Tiger has said time and again that he will not allow anyone, including Faith’s parents,

to take their child

He has warned her parents to stay out of their way


Faith is just a month away from delivering her baby

And we all fear what is to come afterwards


Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.

Alexia is a young lady who has just moved into a tiny rented apartment on the twelfth floor of an impoverished neighborhood! One fateful night, following a break-in, Alexia, her neighbor Dana Handles, as well as Dana’s seven years old daughter, all disappear into thin air without trace! Later the same night, Dana’s husband Dean Handles also goes missing. The gripping story of the mysterious disappearance of the entire Handles family and their neighbor is reported on national television and ‘everyone’ seems eager to uncover the mystery and find out the truth. However, someone, somewhere, is determined to do everything within their power to ensure that the truth is never discovered. But who is so desperate as to take an action so drastic and why?

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Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.

Matilde Mbulo


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