Before she was ousted


Rissa walks around the place

In her inappropriate clothes

Always tight, always revealing

Excessive make up

Excessive hairdos

Even her voice has changed


The gentlemen don’t take note

Or at least pretend not to

They give her the cold shoulder

Which is quite uncommon in such situations

They don’t want to anger their boss

By hitting on his side lady

His side lady she may be

But she is still his lady


Most of the ladies claim they are disgusted

It is obvious they are jealous

Which is why they always attack her

Calling her out

Insulting her whenever the opportunity presents itself


They don’t have her body

Or her wit and guts for that matter

When luck came visiting

Somehow it decided to strike Rissa

And Rissa got the man they all wanted

They will never forgive her for that


Or perhaps it is themselves that they can’t forgive

They underestimated her

They thought of her as nothing but a desperate single mother

Attractive but not beautiful

Average and uninteresting

She blended so well before she stood out

No one expected him to fall for her

He has such a beautiful wife at home


Gisele sits in a corner

Taking it all in from a distance

Pretending to be working

Seemingly oblivious as yet another chapter of the game of thrones plays on

She has been there long enough

To know that it is just a matter of time before the king is overthrown

And his ‘queen’ is left in an uncertain position


No matter how much she hates Rissa

Unlike the other ladies, Gisele chooses to cooperate with Rissa

Just as she cooperated with the queen who was there before Rissa

And the one who was there before that one

And will do the same to the one who comes after her


She has learnt to be a spectator, a wise spy, a private advisor

She has learnt, bitterly it may be added,

That being queen is a position only for those with short term goals

That being the centre of attention

Isn’t as beneficial as most think

And often comes at a great cost


Rissa has on several occasions publicly challenged and attacked Gisele

She wants everyone to know that she is the new queen

That she has the most powerful man in the area at her side

Or perhaps more appropriately put, in her bed

She has him at the palm of her hands

Thus Rissa somehow considers herself the first lady

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Rissa, Personal Assistant to the renowned CEO of a large multinational corporation, has just been fired by her boss and is now seeking revenge in a most unusual way!

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Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo


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