Times change, the world is changing fast and furiously, people are changing, everything is changing – no wonder change has become a popular topic of discussion today. It is everywhere and in every aspect of our lives.

Here’s one of the greatest discoveries I have ever made related to change: change involves changing directions. Most of us change to adapt to our current reality, we change to adapt to outside changes but in reality we’re not really changing. You see, if you feel the need for change then it’s usually because something in the current reality is not right, is not according to your goals, your mission, your vision and I believe in this case what you need to do is find the right direction. Don’t  try to fix things or change that reality, the only people we can really change is ourselves because real change comes from the inside to the outside.

Throughout my life as a child, teenager and young adult, I have often heard blurt out in frustration: “People just don’t change!” I wish I knew then how powerful this is – then I would have taken it seriously. Perhaps what I would add to it today is “it is none of your business! It is not up to you to change people!” The only people we have a right to change is ourselves.

Change involves changing your direction – to be in line with your mission and vision: with what you want for yourself. Change involves aligning yourself in the right frequency, where your feelings are in synchrony with your actions. Once you’re in the right frequency you will know because your feelings will tell you.  Therefore make a point of  creating the right kind of energy from within that makes you feel good – whatever is within you attracts its like from the outside: what you create on the inside manifests itself on the outside.

People don’t change unless they make a conscious effort to do so; the only person you can really truly change is yourself – I’ve read and heard this so many times yet it never really made any sense to me. It took me a lot of heartache, headache and frustration to finally grasp this and sometimes I think I still haven’t grasped the full meaning of these two sentences: it would be so much easier if certain colleagues just changed themselves or changed departments or if “that difficult colleague” took on another job offer or if.., if.. , if….. it’s so much easier to change others but the truth is, the only people we have a right to demand change from is ourselves. It’s up to you to create your life, create your own environment, and create the job and the environment you want. It’s up to you to decide and create your paradise on earth.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you “remove” a bad friend from your life only to find yourself with another similar friend? Or change jobs only to find similar problems in your next job? You change colleagues only to find similar or worse colleagues in your next job?  Different names, different positions, different jobs etc. – same cycle. That is the problem. You’re in the same cycle, you’re moving in the same frequency; you’re trying to change the outside and not the inside. And if change is from the outside then we’re maintaining ourselves on the same frequency – thus attracting the same energy (same kind of people, jobs etc).

I believe that when we find ourselves moving in a frequency that doesn’t make us feel good, then we must change directions: I like to use the words turn in the opposite direction: turn, stand still and monitor your feelings and then go to where you heart leads you – follow you heart, go because we only have one life to live on earth.  Decide today to change – to let your feelings guide you because our feelings show us whether what we’re doing is in line with what we desire for ourselves. Love yourself, want the best for yourself, feel good today and everyday from now onwards and the outside will begin to respond, to change itself – to be in line with your inside.

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