Image courtesy of Ashley Booysen

A story is sad when it’s about tears

From the beginning to the end

Almost like this one I know

Of a girl whose name I will not mention

Her face is gloomy, her eyes dark and very far away

If not far away in the past

Then far away in the future

Her story is all about tears

She just laughs for a few seconds

And then cries for the rest of the day

Days, weeks, years go by,

But her tears never dry up

She speaks to no one

And when she speaks to some one

The person is left confused

Sometimes she speaks of things far away in the past

Other times of things far away in the future

I’ve never heard her speak of the present

It probably doesn’t exist to her

The truth is I do not really know her name

At first I would call her the strange stranger

But now I call her light

It probably doesn’t sound like the right name for her

But should you listen closely to her

You would understand what I mean

Deep inside her is a warrior

She is a fountain of ideas, dreams and imaginations

She will not lash out of her shell

But slowly yet surely, she brings light to her surroundings

I watch her day by day

And I see the darkness in her eyes fade away slowly

She is for sure slowly coming back

It takes time; I know it will take sometime

But I already see her beginning to shine

And the world is responding

Light is very beautiful and tender

She looks tough, angry and harsh

But she melts like ice cream once she is able to trust you

Life hasn’t been easy on her you know

But she is slowly yet surely healing

One day this pain will come to past

And life will bring other better challenges

Light is slowly yet surely shining brighter and brighter

And nothing on earth will extinguish it

I feel light shining towards me

And I can see from the expression on her face

That she is here to stay

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


Margaret Eden Kanza is the president’s only daughter. Known for her stubbornness and controversial ways, Margaret has become very unpopular with the country’s most senior politicians and upper society due to her incessant habit of supporting ‘nontraditional’ causes and constantly ‘poking her nose where she’s not supposed to’. Following an unsuccessful attempt to murder her, Margaret discovers that she has two choices: fight or flight. Unsurprisingly, Margaret chooses to fight but is she ready to face the truth regarding the real reasons behind the plot to assassinate her as well as the true identity of the person who is trying to kill her?

Novel! Available on:

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo


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