Image courtesy of Ashley Booysen


Why am I here?

Because it’s a happy day

Last night the moon smiled at me

And now the sun smiles too

I am here because

There was only one bright star in the sky yesterday

I felt it staring at me; it shone right at me

I melted in its arms when it touched me

And it felt good

I am here

Because today is a special day

God made it especially for me

I feel Him looking at me

He is smiling as if to say

Child, things will get better

I am here

Because today my world is perfect

And everything is so intact

Because I am looking at the sky

And on it I see the face of my beloved

And I am feeling special…..

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


Margaret Eden Kanza is the president’s only daughter. Known for her stubbornness and controversial ways, Margaret has become very unpopular with the country’s most senior politicians and upper society due to her incessant habit of supporting ‘untraditional’ causes and constantly ‘poking her nose where she’s not supposed to’. Following an unsuccessful attempt to murder her, Margaret discovers that she has two choices: fight or flight. Unsurprisingly, Margaret chooses to fight but is she ready to face the truth regarding the real reasons behind the plot to assassinate her as well as the true identity of the person who is trying to kill her?

Novel! Available on:

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo


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