This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination and used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental…

He walks in

Tall as a basketball player

Handsome as a model

His muscularity and height remind me of Michael Phelps

But that is where the comparison ends


His head always held exceedingly high

He purposely looks down on all those around him

The look on his face is constantly one of disgust

It’s not hard to tell that he feels way too superior

To everyone in the room


He is always very smartly dressed

He wears the smartest and most expensive suits I have ever seen

And he drives the Porschest cars in town


You can smell him from the door when he enters the room

Because he puts on way to much of the expensive perfume he buys

And he never changes it

Just increases its dosage by the day

The smell of his perfume becomes stronger with each passing day

So strong that we often have to switch off the air fresheners

And open the windows to invite fresh air into the room

Even with all the air cons on

His smell still lingers all over the place

But no one would dare to tell him

That he is suffocating everyone in the room


As he drives in through the gates every morning

The humiliated guards bow their heads

And as he parks in the spot specifically reserved for the CEO

The woman beside him glares around in search of prey

Any woman nearby is a target!

Luckily, most of the females have learnt to keep themselves out of harm’s way


He gets out and walks to the other side to open the door for her

In that moment, those few seconds

He keeps his head down

And even the smile on his face cannot hide the humiliation so evident in his eyes


He quickly recovers as they enter the building

Putting on a united front in front of everyone

As they step into the office

Everyone pretends to be working

She walks into the huge corner office overlooking the entire room

He turns in the opposite direction, walks past us without saying a word

His head held high

And enters the tiny office at the back

Where he will stay quietly working

And well behaved as long as she is around


Cramped in that communal office

We sit quietly at our respective desks

Pretending to be working as we wait in anticipation for the usual show to begin


Sitting comfortably behind her large desk

She opens her laptop and quickly scans through a few emails

Her PA rushes into her office and I hear the girl behind me whisper

“Oh Shit! Did she have to wear that tight short skirt with a slit?

And what the hell was she thinking putting on lovely make up like that?

Lucy just never learns!”


As Lucy closes the door behind her to have “a private chat” with our CEO

Everyone in the office begins to whisper

I bite my lips to prevent myself from joining the gossiping crowd

I keep my eyes focused on my computer

The words pasted on my desktop background read

“Keep calm and keep your mouth shut or you will be fired!”


I sit quietly behind my desk pretending to be working

Because I know that whatever is said and done in that office

Somehow always ends up in the CEO’s ears

And the clever mole has never been discovered

People just never learn!


The whispering ends abruptly as the door of the CEO’s office opens

As expected, Lucy walks out in tears

As she attempts to reclose the door

She is ordered by the CEO to leave it wide open

Panic quickly spreads to the entire office

Who will be next?

No one is exempt; anyone can be hit by the approaching tornado

Even her husband sitting quietly in the tiny office at the back


Lucy walks to her desk and tries to compose herself

The door of the CEO’s office wide open

The entire office is dead silent

We wait in anticipation

Everyone is on their toes

Everyone is walking on eggshells


I dare a cowardly glance up from my desk

She is furiously refreshing her make-up

Suddenly, she looks in my direction and our eyes meet

I freeze, I panic; I know I’m dead!

She beckons with her hand for me to go into her office

I quickly say a little prayer before I rush in

She does not like to be kept waiting


I stand before her shaking like a fevered child

She ignores me and continues putting on her make-up

When she finishes, she calmly puts her cosmetics back into her handbag

And picks up a pink slip from her desk


Suddenly my body becomes tense

My stomach tightens in a painful knot

And my eyes well up in tears


She looks, with deep satisfaction, at my ridiculously crumbling state

The look of contempt on her face is one I will never forget

She smiles at me, but her eyes are cold and cruel

Suddenly she puts the slip back on the table

And orders me to take her handbags and laptop to her car


I gather her belongings with my shaky hands

I wait for her to exit first and I follow obediently

She walks arrogantly into the communal office

And I follow closely behind, carrying her things


The entire office is dead silent and tense again

As she walks from desk to desk

Asking a few questions here and there

Then she turns and walks out

The doors are opened long before she gets there

And I follow closely behind holding her things carefully


As we get to her parking spot

I find that another expensive car is parked there

And her chauffer is waiting with his hands on the door

As she approaches, he holds the door ajar

And helps her to settle in

Before gathering her belongings from me


I whisper a thank you to her

She does not reply

As her car leaves I smile and attempt a cowardly wave

She completely ignores me

And I stand there feeling humiliated

As she’s driven off in one of her numerous Porsche cars


When I return to my desk

I find that the tiger has finally left his den

Tall, handsome and muscular as a model

His physique constantly reminds me of Michael Phelps

But that is where the comparison ends


With his head held exceedingly high

Proud as the POTUS yet without valid reason

Looking down on everyone in the room

Spreading his expensive scent as he walks up and down the room

With a very calm yet highly offensive tone of voice

He spreads his venom around

Before retreating again into his office


Then he calls his wife’s PA

By now Lucy has composed herself

And her make-up is back to perfect

She walks into his tiny office and shuts the door behind her


The room is quiet but people are more amused than anything else

Most of us are pretending not to notice what is going on in the tiny office at the back

I have to confess; I would have been Lucy

He tried, he made the invitation, but I refused


After what seems like an eternity

The door to the office at the back discreetly opens

Lucy walks out nonchalantly and back to her desk

People stare tactfully while pretending to be working

A few minutes later he appears at the door of his office

Looking happy and deeply satisfied

He walks from desk to desk inspecting the room

Then suddenly he stops at my desk

And orders me to follow him into his wife’s office


Without bothering to close the door

He smiles coldly as he reaches his hand to the table and picks up the pink slip

He hands it to me without further ado

And informs me, with a look of deep satisfaction

That I have been fired with immediate effect!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved.


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