Dear you who pretends to be my friend

I figured you out a long time ago

I knew you were not my friend when

You cheated me when we purchased things together

You shouted and treated me like dirt when you thought I would tolerate you

You took advantage of me when I had things you needed

But never returned the favour when I needed you

You smiled at me but when I was not looking you stabbed me in the back

You took information I gave you in confidence and sold it to my enemies

You took advantage of my kindness, my disease to please, my need to be nice

Dear disgusting human being

I suppose you think that I am so stupid and blind

That I do not see what you are doing

Make no mistake

It was not by chance that I didn’t call or visit you when you were sick in hospital

I was relieved not to have you around

You poisonous snake

I prayed to God everyday that you would just find somewhere else to go

I wished you no ill

But everyday that you were away

I thanked God for the clean air I was breathing

Unfortunately you have returned

And it is not surprising that you are back to your old ways

What is surprising is that you have worsened

Every day you increase the dosage of poison you spread

And like a poisonous snake

You strike quickly and when least expected

I watch you kneel down and pray everyday

I watch you go to Church Sunday after Sunday without failing

And I can’t help but wonder

Who the hell you pray to!

You disgust me everyday

You make me sick in the stomach every time you smile at me

You disgust me when you pretend that we’re still friends

While taking advantage of me every time the opportunity presents itself

Your horrible ways are repugnant!

And it is nauseating how you manipulate everyone around your little finger

And make them do exactly what you want

For sure I am now fighting a losing battle

It doesn’t matter that I see what you’re doing

Once again you have managed to smear my name

While keeping your hands absolutely clean

And no matter what I say or do

You have managed to convince all the right people that I am indeed the evil one

Listen here you obnoxious human being

I promise you, you disgusting snake!

That like a boomerang

Everything you’re putting out there

Will come back to you a billion fold

And when it does

I hope I will be there to remind you

That you are only reaping what you sowed

I am not afraid to pray

To ask God to remove you permanently out of my life

Being a Christian does not mean that I have to put up with your wicked ways

And even though it means that I have to forgive you

And surely forgiven myself for allowing myself to be treated like this by another human being

It certainly doesn’t mean that I cannot wage a battle against this evil

I know that everything happens for a reason

And I hope that I learn the lesson that God is trying to teach me from this situation

And when you finally drink a healthy dosage of your own poison

I hope I would have learnt the lesson by then

So as never again to attract a disgusting excuse for a human being, like you, into my life!

Kind regards,


Alexia is a young lady who has just moved into a tiny rented apartment on the twelfth floor of an impoverished neighbourhood! One fateful night, following a break-in, Alexia, her neighbour Dana Handles, as well as Dana’s seven years old daughter, all disappear into thin air without trace! Later the same night, Dana’s husband Dean Handles also goes missing. The gripping story of the mysterious disappearance of the entire Handles family and their neighbour is reported on national television and ‘everyone’ seems eager to uncover the mystery and find out the truth. However, someone, somewhere, is determined to do everything within their power to ensure that the truth is never discovered. But who is so desperate as to take an action so drastic and why?

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


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