I saw you, you saw me

There was chemistry

To me you were just the handsome stranger I bumped into in the corridor

But you already knew me

You knew exactly where I was coming from

You had my profile on your desk weeks before you actually saw me

We bumped into each other again in the packed staff meeting

You were barely listening to what was going on

You were staring at me

So much so that everyone was – well let’s just say that they noticed

I was uncomfortable

You didn’t seem to have a care in the world

“What are all these people thinking about me right now?” I thought

“Here I am, on my second day at work, and there’s this handsome stranger just staring bluntly at me like that, without a care in the world. Can’t he see that this is inappropriate?”

I pretended not to notice you

People were gossiping wildly

You seemed to find the whole situation amusing

I noticed people treated you with a lot of reverence

You didn’t seem to care what other people thought of you

You were cruel, strict, and angry at everyone – except me

You knew exactly what you were doing!

We flirted in the corridors, at meal times, during dinner

We flirted at work and outside work

And the entire office was aflame, on fire

I felt uncomfortable, you didn’t seem to care

I was very young and raw

You were very experienced; you knew exactly what you were doing

When I found out who you really were

When I found out that the corner office was yours

When I found out that you were the Baal in that community

It all made perfect sense

Oh Mr. Billionaire

Oh Mr. “I own the world!”

Just because you have it all

Does not mean that you can have me

You may own your multinational company

You may have millions of bank accounts overflowing with money

You may have mansions everyway

And servants in every corner ready to attend to your every desire

You may have the world at your feet

But that does not mean that you can have me

In fact, here’s what I want you to know

I may have found you attractive in the beginning

But now I just find you cruel and arrogant!

Just because you can have anything at the click of your finger

Does not mean that you can have me

Just because you’re used to using people in pathetic ways

Does not mean that you can use me

Just because you’re the king of the jungle

Does not mean that I want to be your queen

That is why I said no when you asked me out!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Luke is a former child beggar who grew up in the slums. Now a self-made billionaire, he is struggling to come to terms with the brutal murder of his wife, Erica. As he embarks on a journey to discover who murdered his wife, Luke begins to get more than he bargained for and discovers that he has opened a Pandora’s Box!



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