Once upon a time she thought he was the hottest guy she’d ever met
That was when she saw him from far
She stared and couldn’t stop staring
“Oh Lord, what a handsome man.” she thought
It just never registered to her that there was a beautiful plump brunette sitting next to him
But that was only because she was concentrating on the pretty slender brunette sitting across from them
Who seemed to blush every time he looked in her direction

Then he came and stood beside her
And she thought “Oh what a wonderful coincidence.”
But then without knowing why she freaked out and moved away
And some other woman quickly took “her place”
At that moment she told herself “How stupid I am!That hot dude just stood next to o me and I ran away?”
What she didn’t know then is that once again, GOD had intervened
HE was protecting her from DANGER

Then he was unbelievably kind to her
He extended a helping hand to her when her world was crumbling
He picked her up when she fell
And he assured her that everything will be OK!
He protected her when she most needed it
He fought against and defeated her enemies just to impress her
He fought for her when everyone else was fighting against her
He became her hero, her guardian angel, her everything

But then she began to notice that the plump woman who always sat next to him in in church hated her
Something wasn’t right, she knew
But every time she looked at him, she completely forgot about her
Every time he was around everything else ceased to exist

She couldn’t understand why her feelings for him persisted
She struggled everyday to destroy her feelings
Unsuccessfully, she tried to kill that which was already a part of her
But no matter what she did
No matter how much she tried to prevent it
Her love for him only kept growing!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved



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