She came  back to that place

To the same place it all started

Same people, different names

Same feelings, different environment

Same her, same him, same them

She came back

To the same feelings

She was afraid to look back

So she pretended to look forward

But she was looking at him

And she couldn’t help but notice

How familiarly different he was

He had so many personalities

As if there were different people living inside him

And she recognized each of them

She loved each of them

But she couldn’t handle the constant changes

She tried to get over all those people

It’s unexplainable

How so many people could live in one person

One human being

So many people crossing her path

Clouding her reality

So many people in one beautiful face

Ruthless and vengeful

Looking at her

Like her love belongs to no one else but him

Passionless, emotionless

Honestly, she could now clearly look back

And see all those personalities he had

In order to write a confusing  chapter

Just to say “I love you despite it all”

Because she knew that he was a special part of her life

A special chapter somewhere in the middle of her complicated book

A book that was far from being finished

A book she titled her life

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


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Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo



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