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 Dear Princess

You are right when you say

That I would never know what it feels like to be in your shoes

To have your parent walk away when you were just a baby

Just disappear into thin air

And never show up again


Now you’re a little girl

And no matter how much love and support you receive

I know that no one can take the place of a parent

Nothing can replace the vacuum of not having someone to call “mommy”

I see the sadness in your eyes

I hear the sadness in your voice

I feel your sadness all the way from across the room


Oh little Angel

It breaks my heart to see you so sad

I feel helpless; I don’t know what to do

Sometimes I wish I could find her

Make her see that what she did was wrong

Bring her back into your life

To mend your broken little heart


I don’t know her reasons for leaving

I’m too afraid to ask

I sense that the issue is still very raw


I just wish I knew how to mend your broken little heart

But then what can replace the vacuum of being abandoned by one’s primary parent

What can replace not having anyone to call “mommy”

There is no earthly love greater than a mother’s love

And for you  that maternal love was missing right from the beginning

Oh Lord please mend this broken little heart.

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Narrow crook is a story about a withdrawn pre-teen who, together with her family, is trapped for years in a small town in war torn Liberia during the civil war.

Read Narrow Crook on:

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo




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  1. fixoffiction says:

    Very sweet and tender.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you


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