What she felt when she walked in through that door

What she was feeling at that moment

What she couldn’t bare to think  every time she looked at him

He was a stranger, a complete stranger

A stranger she knew only too well

A stranger in whose company she’d had the pleasure of being

A stranger that made her feel strange sensations I hadn’t felt in a long time

What she felt when she glance across the room at him

All different, all handsome

Strange, yet strangely familiar

What she saw in his eyes

Those eyes that she was yet to look deeply into

But that she had seen so many, many times before

In her dreams, in her fantasies

Fantasies, sweet fantasies

Is the sweet reality she felt when their lips locked

Heaven, sweet, strange, real heaven

The taste of his brute lips

A taste she had never experienced before

Feelings she had never felt before

Heaven she have never experienced before

But woke up one morning

And realized it is all been but a dream

And even though he existed in reality

They had never formerly met!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Margaret Eden Kanza is the president’s only daughter. Known for her stubbornness and controversial ways, Margaret has become very unpopular with the country’s most senior politicians and upper society due to her incessant habit of supporting ‘untraditional’ causes and constantly ‘poking her nose where she’s not supposed to’. Following an unsuccessful attempt to murder her, Margaret discovers that she has two choices: fight or flight. Unsurprisingly, Margaret chooses to fight but is she ready to face the truth regarding the real reasons behind the plot to assassinate her as well as the true identity of the person who is trying to kill her?

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Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo




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