The Power of Writing


One of the things I have surely come to realize is how powerful writing is. It is through writing that I’ve discovered myself and have been able to monitor the direction of my life.

As I read through my thoughts of the past, I am able to say, to myself, things like “you haven’t changed that yet” or “it’s about time you changed your approach to this matter” or “you set that goal two years ago and still haven’t taken any action”.

One of the most fulfilling moments of revisiting your written thoughts, plans, goals and mission you set in the past, is when you realize that you have actually been able to change a certain bad habit or to achieve a significant goal you had set in the past. It’s powerful to revisit who you were in the past and say “I’m glad I made that decision” or “this is a lesson I should learn from before it happens again”.

When you write about what you desire or the person you want to become in the future, a light inside you awakens and a new life is born. Every time you revisit your mission statement or goals, and feel the wonderful feeling that comes from achieving a goal, you attract more good things into your life and get more strength to set new goals and achieve more.

Keeping written records of our thoughts and desires helps us to monitor whether or not our actions are in line with who we want to become: whether we’re on the road that will lead us to achieve our dreams.

One thing I’ve learnt, from many past experiences I have had, is that when facing a difficult situation, it is always best to start by expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper. Start by writing it down! If you are confused, writing can bring clarity. If you’re sad, it can uplift you. And if you’re feeling hate, anger and resentment at someone who has brutally hurt you feelings, expressing those feelings in writing can help you to heal.

I don’t show my notes to anyone. I simply express myself in writing to understand my feelings. Sometimes I decide never again to talk to that particular person, especially if it is someone whose moral habits are very different from mine. Writing has protected me from negativity, pain, hatred and unwanted negative energy. I express myself in writing to prevent myself from bottling up negative energy and protect myself from communicating my feelings to the wrong person. I learnt from very early on in my life to “trust no one” and as much as some may see this as radical, it has protected me from giving important personal and other information to the wrong people. I make no joke about this when I say “trust no one”. We live in a world where knowledge and information is worth money, power and a lot more – and people are very keen to use it t to their advantage.

Writing in the privacy of my bedroom, behind closed doors brings a feeling of freedom that makes it easy to pour out my innermost feelings. Revisiting those moments – months or years later has for me been powerfully reinforcing. It reinforces my beliefs and sometimes puts an end to unnecessary dogmas.

I wish most of my ancestors had kept diaries and written stuff about themselves and their lives. I believe that if I had been able to understand the minds of my grandparents and other ancestors, I would have been able to understand myself better and been able to prevent a lot of mistakes.

Imagine if all the great writers and scientists of the past had destroyed all their scrolls, books and formulas? Where would we be today?

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