When she first looked into his eyes

All she could see was a pair of ugly puffy eyes looking at her

Without meaning, without expression

She was looking at someone she liked but that made no difference in her life

She was looking at a friend she could talk to without thinking twice


When he first touched her

All she could feel was the hand of a friend

A distant friend  that made no difference in her life


A boy, like any other

Like all the others

But one that was pleasant to be with


When she first danced in his arms

All she could feel was the pleasantness of being swayed around the room

By strong arms that never complained about her  rigidness and total lack of swing

Strong comfortable hands that made her feel like a little sister

Comfortable and happy


But when she danced in his arms at the wedding of her cousin

She felt the strong arms of a man around her

A man enough to touch her deep where friemds don`t touch

Tender enough to take her to places she never imagined

Brutal enough to make her cry

And that is exactly what he did.

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


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Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved

Matilde Mbulo



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