One day I found myself in the middle of nowhere

Surrounded by darkness

I could see nothing and no one

Not even myself

I was lost

Lost from the world and myself

I felt that no one could see me

And I could see no one

A wall of emptiness surrounded me

Then suddenly I saw a light

Shining brightly towards me

And as it moved towards me

It got brighter and brighter

My first impression of it was negative

I was scared and hesitant

Was it coming to hurt me?

But then a positive energy evolved me

And I didn’t feel scared anymore

I looked at it, I faced it boldly

I was ready to receive the light

Then it shone brightly on my face

Till I could see no more

And then went off suddenly

And I felt so lost

Like I have never felt before

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


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