Is it LOVE?


She thought it was curiosity

Then she thought it was interest

Then she realized it was something more

Then she understood that there was someone else in his life


She rubbished it all as a mere crush

And even though she felt that unexplainable feeling whenever he was around

Even though her mind couldn’t seem to focus on anything else 

She thought it would go away


She told herself it would eventually come to pass as usual

But then there she is; and there they are


She struggles everyday

She does everything to stay out of the way

She fights herself; she fights the world

She struggles to keep herself away

But she is losing that battle

She is bitterly losing the battle to love


How could this be love, Oh Lord!

So painful, so frustrating

How can love hurt so much?

How can this be love

If it hurts instead of healing


She wakes up every morning

Thinking it’s finally over

But it all remains the same

With the exception of the feeling that keeps growing


She fights, She struggles, She prays everyday

How frustrating it is to be in love with the wrong person


She hates him because she wants him so badly

She hates him because he takes her to heaven and then to hell

She hates him because she is losing the freaking battle


It is so unfair

The more he hurts her, the more she loves him

She feels like she is losing her mind


Oh Lord, How can this be love

If it hurts so freaking bad?

Of what use is this love

If it comes with no honour, no guarantee

Of what use is this love if he is never there when she needs him?

And only shows up when it is convenient for him?

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


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