Love has knocked at her door again

It was totally unexpected

Someone unexpected, different from all the others

It happened in a special way, they all do

Caught her by surprise, they all do too

But this was more of a surprise because it was someone totally unexpected

Love has knocked again at her door

She wants with all her heart for this to be like all the other past loves

A tumult that will eventually pass away with time

Because this is not meant to be

They are not meant to be

Love has knocked again but unexpectedly

But she doesn’t want to fight for this one like she’s done with all the others

Because they are not meant to be

Because he’s not her prince

Because they are not soul mates

Why has love knocked in this way

Why has love knocked in a totally different way

An unexpected way; very scary

A path that she had not planned to take

That she did not want to take

A love like any other except she doesn’t want this one

This love is not for her

This love has knocked on the wrong door

Where no one is home.

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved



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