She is stuck, surrounded, enveloped within the horns of a dangerous bull and all she sees is danger everywhere. She cannot go back because to her rear are  the enemies she left behind, the ones she fears to the core and who hate her with a burning passion, just waiting for a chance to chop her down with the weapons they have carefully crafted. They are  treacherously armed, she is at her most vulnerable – besides, when she burnt the bridges a long time ago, when she made the conscious decision to axe them from her life, She promised herself there and then, never, ever to return! To her right is a new enemy she recently made and to her left are his numerous allies. She is locked in an endless battle with her new enemy because despite the fact that they separated a long time ago, the financial and psychological divorce is yet to happen! They’re locked in a ferocious battle for the resources they once shared, she versus her new enemy, and his numerous allies! He is cunning; crafty to the core and when she least expects it, she feels the sharp pain of a bull’s horn piercing through her raw skin. He is dangerously armed; he is firing nonstop  at her, and so are his allies, and she is so overwhelmed she can barely breathe. She knows that she must run away! She has to move forward with her life! But this bull keeps her trapped within its horns by craftily moving in every direction possible to block her way. Besides, in order for her to escape, She will need the resources that her new enemy is bitterly withholding from her!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved


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