She cannot let her fly

She cannot let her spread your wings

She is the dark side of her

She represents everything she hates in herself


She therefore cannot let her soar

For she is too powerful to be let out of the can

She has contemplated murdering her

But the consequences seem too severe


She can’t let her hit the sky

She’s sorry, but this is as far as she is willing to let her go

Any attempts at greatness, she will impede

And she is stronger than her


She will not let her go

She is the evil in her life that must die

She sees in her eyes that if she opens as much as a tiny window

To the sky she will sour never to return


She is not even sorry

This is as far as she will let her go!

From here she will leave not

Leave, she will not from that cage

She will not let  her fly!

Copyright©matildembulo. All rights reserved



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